There are two ways to ride on a dream – by erecting one’s own or by piggybacking on someone else’s. None is bad, mind you, as long as the dream remains original and packs enough punch to propel many miles ahead on its own.

Cinema provides that piggyback with a flourish. When a screenplay is written or adapted, a dream finds its heart. When it is translated into a movie, it gets endowed with flesh, muscles, blood and emotion. And like a true buddy, it presents a case for imagination and feet to walk towards it.

No wonder then that despite being a regular movie-watcher since my toddler days, I haven’t overgrown its allure.

And just as I do with books, I like to record my thoughts over movies that leave an impression with me. You can find them here. Do I have any preferences? Well, Bollywood and Hollywood for sheer accessibility. But language has rarely been a reason to keep my bubbling heart at bay! šŸ™‚

Let celluloid continue weaving magic!