Reading is bliss. And I discovered it when my age was being scribbled in single digit. Since then, we have kept at it, reading and I. Just why have we been so loyal to each other? You can find it here!

I like to reflect and record my thoughts on books I read. And hence, I review them. All of them can be found at one place (Book Review page or Book Review category) or appear under ‘Search’. Still didn’t find the book you were looking for? Sadly, I didn’t read it then. Or got lazy to write about it.

I keep an eye on texts, excerpts, journals, quotations, speeches and the likes; I conjure my own inspired odes to their creators. I halt at bookstores and inhale their legacy; I also arrange and attend book meets to soak in bookish discussions. I engage in fan-girling at literary festivals; I buy multiple copies of my favorite books from different countries. I drool on gorgeous book covers for hours; I also collect bookish merchandise at no notice.

All of these (or more) might find place here. So, exercise discretion. There, you have been warned! 😛

Happy Reading!