This is a life-hack! I mean who wouldn’t like to eat good? A snack to pep up a late night movie watch? An ice cream pop to drive away a mundane day’s blues? An ethnic thali to bring back memories of childhood? A hot cuppa to whisk you away to a prized memory? A lavish buffet to chime in good times? A simple recipe to remember your mamma or baba?

Well, food makes for intimate discoveries. And so, I love exploring places that not just tickle my taste buds but lodge themselves as a delightful piece in the overall canvas of my memories. I get high on food, literally! That is not to say the booze I savor pale away in comparison, no! It is to say I don’t differentiate between them if they succeed in lifting my spirits and make me feel good.

So, I find a good place? Most likely, it shall find a mention here. Some days, the words shall recede and only the pictures will hold fort in these snippets. Either way, you shall be treated with something fulfilling. Should you need recommendations, shoot them. I am not sure if I can help every time but trust me to try my best. And if you have some recommendations for me, be my guest! 🙂

Bon appétit!