In many ways, this is not my first step. Expression is an integral part of everyone’s life. Mine is no different. Like those observing eyes can never blink without capturing a scene, that heart can never beat without letting an expressive current, flow. Each one of us see, feel, ponder, absorb and reflect. But the gift of words for expression is not for everyone to share. Some handle this gift by holding it aloft in the open for all to witness and participate; some wrap this gift in the silent but throbbing corners of their souls for their own survival and freedom. I have hitherto been a loyal member of the latter community; content in my world of flying words, coherent when happy and discordant when mischievous. You could rest the reason of my love affair with words on my passion for books. Under midnight lamp, under the morning sun, in libraries, in classrooms, in parks, in cafe, sometimes, even in near darkness, I have found solace between the arms of books. My baba introduced me to this magical world and that’s the best gift he bestowed me with. Books: Feeling their spines, smelling their sheets, immersing in their throes and refusing to leave their kingdom has been my tried and tested formula of eternal bliss. Scribbling away their secrets, collecting their nectar, basking in the aftermath of standing witness to epic love stories and marauding wars, I have lived a parallel life for many years now. I was so consumed by that world that it never occurred to me there can be a world even more stunning; a world that is erected on the extensions of these very books, who have held captive people similar to me, across nations, in as many bonds.

Books gave me a language to speak, a language to comprehend and most importantly, a language to communicate. My scribblings are my scattered thoughts, which demand validation before meeting their fate. This is what I am here for. If the consideration is on the canvas of going public, sharing tastes, living passion, sampling trend and embracing legacy, this is indeed my first step; a first step towards giving a superior voice to my inner chaos by allowing it to talk to curious, passionate and positive minds. Nudged by the gentle reminders of my friends and incessant but genuine appeals of a few well-wishers, I have finally embarked on the blogging path. I can sense new plains and unknown terrains and I am not sure what this journey might bring. But I am sure of one thing; I will change during this voyage. And I hope for good; just like a brook whose fleeting personality accentuates its gravitas at every progressive nook.

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