Happy Birthday, Mr. Lewis!

I always have a lot to ask you rather than tell you; you confuse me well after all! A life resembling a sine-curve sans the regularity has placed you in a certain pedestal in my world onto which my eyes are capable of seeing only a part; lot remains hidden. For I wonder; what exactly made you write The Screwtape Letters when you were a devout believer of the Lord? Was that a work for the world or more for yourself? Was your protagonist, the Devil, a manifestation of your dilemmas that kept you on the border of theism and atheism? After all, you had seen a lot. You were living in a time that was witnessing a transformation; and every change of such nature turns many long-held beliefs into much abhorred casualties. I am not quite sure. But I have read that you held onto your faith till the twilight of your life. And I have reason to belief you did. Even though I have read a few of your Narnia works, I prefer TSL for the questions it raises. When an author can fight a case with legit weapons from both sides, he establishes himself as an open, discovering mind. So, even though I might not agree with all that you say, you set my mind buzzing with possibilities and that is reason enough to thank you.

So, dear Sir, for writing a number of interesting books and facing questions with a long-sustained audacity, I thank you. Your eloquence rings clear in my mind, long after your pen has stopped. But I rue the chance of writing to you, seeking answers. I humor myself with the possibility of receiving a prudent answer.


[Image courtesy http://www.thedailybeast.com  ]

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