17716Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett
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[Curtains Fall]

Stage: I lived good, within all of you. Heck! You would not even survive a second without me. Why? I even took that wretched boot and that stinky feet on my chest!

Feet: Ha.. Stinky you say! Did you ever eavesdrop into Beckett’s mind when he was scribbling? Ah, I was the one who inspired him. Not some dumbheads as they would like to believe.

Human: Come on, now! Really? Like can someone be so obnoxiously imbecile? No wonder you both have no identity without me. Subtract my dialogue and that truck-load of humor and you are like that filthy hat, empty.

Hat: Excuse me, Sir. Your decorated language overshoots its limits. I only talk to people who float at the same thought altitude as me. For all others, I am like the aeroplane, seen from the land; once into the clouds, construed as lost.

Meaning: Nothing is ever lost, except for me that is. All of you kept waiting for me, yeah, you called me some weird name… Godot, is it? Right. I agree, it’s a weird name but well, I come in all weird identities and packages.

Human: You are Godot! Drop the veil I say! I lost precious time waiting for you!

Meaning: Ah! You are indeed blind, dear Human. You wait for something that is right in front of you.

Human: What do you mean?

Meaning: Well, just what I said. I come in different avatars. And if I am not in the attire that you have chosen for me, you assume I am not in the picture at all.

Human: That is precisely the reason I hate you; you complicate simple things.

Meaning: On the contrary, I provide you a thousand things to find me in; a Friend, a Stranger, a Slave, a Hat, a Tree, A Rope, A Carrot, A Boot…the list is endless. But in your blindness, you overlook all my manifestations and hinge all your energies at a haloed nothingness.

Human: Err…. I guess …

Meaning: And the worst thing about you? Even when I broadcast to you, in the clearest terms possible, that whatever is around you, is enough to keep you sane and going, you forever look starry eyed to the other side of the sky.

[Silence. Then a blink of an eye.]

Human: I am sorry. But Tomorrow is bewitching.

Meaning: I agree, my dear. But Today is blessing.

[Curtains Rise]


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