You have waited patiently, like stars that don’t know any other sky;
You have kept me company even when I have casually passed you by;
When days have placed the taste of today on my fickle tongue,
You have silently pinned your hopes on tomorrow’s song;
When nights have heaped on me, a torrent of trivials of little consequence,
You have bid good night but without any trepidation of evanescence.
You have spread wings on my sky like a prejudiced cloud
And on my call, haven’t failed once to answer aloud.
In languid winter and lilting rain, and purple dawn and crimson sunshine,
I have found you with some kadak chai or hot chocolate or white wine.
I have wandered however, your affections not keeping me from infidelity
And now when I have paused after 12 long months, I’m hit by my partiality.
No, dreams are many and patience is scarce
And this is something I mostly understand,
But even so, some dreams are rarer that are not to be left untended,
Like the first kiss, the first flight, the first earning and the first spend.
So, I look at you in the eye and want you to know
That I am pursuing you for this year’s first show;
And should I get any closer to turning your chrysalis into a butterfly
I shall come back next year, pen a piece afresh for you and glorify!

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