Starmark, Chennai

I am not gonna lie; I actually spent a good three minutes just gazing at the bookstore.

Walking through the alleys in one of my most favourite bookstores in the country – Starmak, Chennai – that happened to open only yesterday after five months of shutters was like reclaiming a whiff of fresh air that had proceeded on an unexpected migration. Slowly, but surely, the collections’ tinge, the rustling papers, the polished wood, the lilting music, the smiling custodians, the quiet embrace of this place covered my heart with delightful marginalia. And these, I shall live today, and add to, tomorrow, and then, the day next.

I am glad a chapter of my life is back to making its magic felt. Here’s to you, bookstores of the world!

P.S. Thank you, Swapandeep for keeping  my requested books carefully for 10 days. Much appreciated.

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