If you need a little time away from the madness of daily chores, would love to sit by a beach doing nothing at all and enjoy a good chat with a couple who shower warmth in abundance, I recommend this place. Of course, if like me, you are greedy and want to do a bit of writing too, look no further 🙂

What: Homestay
Where: Muttukadu, India
Feel: Serene, Green, Idyllic

Easdale, Muttukadu – © Seemita Das

I am full with energy, joy and most importantly, gratitude as I write this note for Sabita and her family.

I stayed at Sabita’s and Nawaz’s home for 3 days and enjoyed every bit of it. Their welcome and warmth was palpable from the time I entered their home and till I left.

Clean, airy room for two with a lovely skylight to let the sun rays trickle in ever so slightly. The cupboard in the room was available for use but I preferred not to as I was travelling very light. The almirah with hangers plus the little bench was good enough for me.

Besides having the essentials in the room and washroom, the kitchen was open for use all hours of the day – I brewed my tea and had Nawaz’s coffee too! If you don’t wish to cook, you can order from Swiggy/ Zomato. Plenty of restaurants around that deliver home. However, since the house is situated to a tad bit interior, I suggest you order while it is still daylight to assist the delivery guy to easily find his/ her way. The patio, to which I had a separate entry and exit, opened to a colorful splash of flowery trees and robust barks the latter shot into the air with green wings and were fruit of years of tending. Of course, the beach-lover in me loved the mornings when without feeling the heat of the sunny emperor could I sashay by the beach which was about 3-minutes walk from my room! The set-up gave me plenty to be inspired from and momentum for my pen to create.

I won’t talk further on the cleanliness, accuracy, communication, aesthetics and comfort of the place – I rate them high.

But I wish to thank Sabita and Nawaz for that extra mile they went – checking with me everyday for food, enquiring my well being when I skipped a meal, leaving me their work station because I had made a passing mention of it during my initial query, taking interest in my story and gifting me their time, never interfering but always attentive.

Their lovely dogs were a lot of fun too! Spend some time pampering them and see how they warm up!

Muttukadu Beach – © Seemita Das

Books, Beach, Breeze, Dogs, Greenery, Tranquillity and a Warm and Witty couple. What more can you ask for? 🙂

Book here.

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