Books I love and the authors who wrote them – this was today’s primary theme for me!

Shehan Karunatilaka, the Booker Prize Winner 2022, was every bit the person I have come to expect of him – eloquent, witty and empathetic. He spoke about his books, growing up years, socio-political climate in Sri Lanka of which he is a native of and even agreed to play a rapid-fire Q&A invoking none less than ‘Uncle’ (Kurt) Vonnegut! I can’t recommend his Chinaman and Chats With The Dead (also known as The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida) enough.

Having Deepti Kapoor in conversation with Marlon James (Winner of Man Booker Prize 2015) made the existing discussion on her riveting latest novel – Age of Vice – even more interesting! Both authors have proven credentials of writing taut thrillers with political/ social commentary and their exchanges brought to light its many dimensions. Read ‘Age of Vice’ if you haven’t already.

When both Shehan and Deepti joined the fabulous Ruth Ozeki and Amit Chaudhuri for a session to deliberate on the places/ sources from where fiction comes from, it was fun! Had some relevant takeaways.

My interactions with the authors were wonderful and peppered with warmth and I look forward to reading their works in future.

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