I need my space to write. And this place provides plenty of it.

What: Homestay
Where: Pondicherry, India
Feel: Serene, Homely, Earthy

The Room

Suranjika’s place was tucked at the far end of a quiet street, giving the place a respite from the main road’s hustle-bustle. The place was clean and received plenty of sunlight. The AC room had all the essentials – electric kettle, glasses, cups, tea bags, dairy whitener, biscuits, cutlery, napkins, bottle opener and a fridge with water and ice. The bathroom had sanitizer, tissue papers, shampoo, shower gel and a hair dryer. The cupboard in the room was pretty huge and could easily accommodate 3 normal suitcases worth clothes. It had got few hangers as well. The patio was airy and old school, making it a delight to bask in during wee hours. At about 6.30am, I found the breeze cool (this is April, mind you), with birds chirping and the friendly dog across the road peeping from the terrace railing gaps.

The Patio

The patio has about 12 flower pots which makes for a soothing sight. The nearest market is about 8 min by walk where besides general stores, one can find food places, salons, souvenir shops and the likes. White Town is about 1.5 kms away and the beach, 2 km away. Bike on rent is available. Auto and Ola is also available. Ola, however, is a little difficult to find post 6pm on weekdays from this place. The hospitality of the hosts, who stay downstairs, is definitely a plus. The cleaning was done everyday and the maid, too, was very professional and amiable.

No one came disturbing and the only one watching me scratch my head for want of a better sentence arrangement in the 16th chapter’s 4th page was a brownish black Alsatian, quietly chuckling from the opposite terrace.

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