A perfect tequila shot. An apt teaser. A pitch perfect click. That’s just how the new short story from the Murakami land feels like. Capturing our attention, upping the stakes, leaving us thinking, never closing the possibilities.

Courtesy: New Yorker

The short story is about a chance encounter of a traveller (who is also a writer) with a monkey. And if you know our Murakami-san, you shall know the monkey shall be anything but ordinary. Go, read about their conversation over a rainy, tipsy night in a quaint town in Japan where the music meets depth, ruminations caress surrealism. A tale where desires are met on the trembling bed of names and memories bring warmth despite their failed fates.

A read perfect with an afternoon tea or a late night wine. Or let’s say sometime in between because that’s just how Haruki Murakami goes – effortlessly overlapping timelines.⠀

In The New Yorker.

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