A time away from time.

When 6 of us gathered at this beach resort for a detour from the chaotic humdrum of life, we found bliss and then, some more.

Chariots Beach Resort is just behind the Pancha Rathas (Five Rathas) and is quiet enough to make for a laid-back staycation. We recently had a one-night stop there – with a group of friends and among us, 2 kids too – and were glad of the experience. It is a four-star resort that offers everything you would expect from a beachfront property: stunning views, comfort and luxury accommodation options, delicious cuisine and a variety of activities to suit your mood.

We had two rooms to us – a Pool Side Cottage and a Sea View Suite – and both were wonderful. The rooms are elegantly decorated, with comfortable beds, modern amenities and complimentary Wi-Fi. The bathrooms were clean too, with ample supply of towels and toiletries. But the element that surprised me and stood out most was the gorgeous, closed patio with glass sides at the Sea View Suite that overlooked the lush golf course!

Yup – a rare sight in this stretch of Mahabalipuram. The patio came with an AC panel meaning one could simply slip into the sofa and sip some coffee and read a book while watching the green do its calm swaying. An unexpected drizzle in the morning turned the feeling into one that belongs in a tropical rainforest, dipped in a foggy blanket and splendid in its silence.

Their idea – that of more open space and less of concrete erections – finds itself replicated throughout the resort, making the walks within it a truly unobstructed, relaxing experience. The access to beach, of course, is always a deal-clincher for me and in here, the views were gorgeous. We walked over in the evening and in the early morning and felt invigorated. The beach stays under vigil of the resort staff which is as per expectations.

A diner, a bar and a restaurant are among the dining options. The spread is good and the taste, especially of the dishes from Indian cuisine, is yum. An open-air seating with a few wooden tables and chairs provides for an open amphitheater where they screen matches and the likes.

The resort also has a spa which we did not use. The pool is well maintained and is a hit with the guests. One can play golf at the resort’s facility and is well-maintained and stimulating. Parking is taken care of.

Shore Temple, Mamallapuram – © Seemita Das

The famous Shore Temple, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a 5-minutes’ drive from the resort and invariably attracts first-timers. Walk through the nearby villages and markets to experience the local culture and cuisine.

When we left the resort, the weather had mellowed down and the overcast sky was kind on us. The large blue and yellow umbrellas under which we huddled to take a final photo at the resort remained etched in our minds and shall add to my little box of memories handsomely.

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