Doppio, Bhubaneswar: This quaint little cafe is quite lovely, especially, with its outdoors.

Doppio, Bhubaneswar – © Seemita Das

The outdoor seating is picturesque with the winding Bougainvillea by the walls running all the way to the roof, hugging with its canopy of beauty and shade. Flower-pots on the sides and a sturdy tree in the centre with minimalistic decor complemented with plain, white wrought chairs and wooden tables make for an earthy element that is palpable here. The indoors is decent too as the tables aren’t laid too close to each other. I see spacious and I appreciate. The retailing of apparels and little things like postcards, earrings, bags and the likes might also appeal to many.

Now, in coffee lingo, Doppio is a double espresso. A potent shot loaded on another. At this Doppio, however, the coffee is a bit of a hit and miss. The Americano is a hit but the Affogato is a definite miss. If you like your Affogato like I do – a little holy dollop of vanilla in a layered cup of espresso – you might be disappointed at the ‘long Sundae’ that comes swaying from the kitchen with a ‘tiny vial’ of espresso on its side for pouring over. Well, I gave the Affogato a miss in the favour of a Caramel Cappuccino. And made good with an Orange Lemonade which was refreshing! Food was, thankfully, good too.

The Loaded Nachos stayed true to their name and made the chef proud with its many colors and home-made sauce still keeping the platter crisp. Aglio E Olio (Spaghetti) was not too far behind and remained creamy and yum. The Garlic Cheese Pizza Toasties was a tad too flavorful for my taste but my friend found them munchable.

Staff was polite and had maintained cleanliness. There is a fair bit of space for parking as well which is always a plus.

If you aren’t too gung-ho about your Affogato, I shall happily recommend you an evening here.

Meal for 2: INR 600 (Veg), INR 800 (Non-veg)

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